Picking the right mix of event technology is a key success in event management

 Event Management Software was launched a few years ago to help corporate meeting planners and PAs make great events happen by utilizing the latest technology for venue procurement and event management.

GEVME Software Solutions aims to streamline venue procurement for clients wanting to increase delegate engagement by partnering with the most tech-enabled venues and event vendors.

“As an event company, we’ll use technology to massively improve venue procurement and event planning, that’s a given.” said Ko Thu Yain Htut – Managing Director of GCA (Myanmar), “But as event planners, we have to ask why we’re having the event in the first place. What’s going to make it a success? I believe successful events are measured by attendee engagement. Did they learn, connect and feel stimulated? Today technology enables us to deliver better events where delegates are engaged before, during and after an event takes place. That’s what our GCA (Myanmar) company will deliver to clients.”

GEVME Software Solutions is currently based in Yangon – the headquarter is in Singapore, but will support its client events globally.

Event Managers have access to an incredibly wide range of technology to help them organise and manage their events, and many options fit very specific business needs. An important trends is that best-in-breed products like GEVME software now integrate with a broader range of platforms a the corporate enterprise level. While the technology has the potential to give event managers the time they need to become true event architects, and focus strategically on business goals, finding the right mix of tools and integrating them successfully can be a real challenge. 

Here are a fey key factors to keep in mind.

  • Plan in advance. The work you put in during the initial planning to streamline your process and increase communication saves you untold hours when you are most stressed, closer to the event.
  • Know which tools you will use for what purpose, and make sure your internal team and vendor team are 100 percent clear on those roles and how they will work together.
  • Ensure your tools work easily together. Event technology should seamlessly allow data to transfer from one location to another. There are many best-in-breed providers that believe in integrated technology that make using event technology productive and save you time.

On that thinking, could the event industry be set for change in the near future?

“ I think that tech is going to innovate our event industry, i think it already is, but i don’t there’s necessarily a need for traditional organizers and certain events to completely evolve, there are some events that will always have their place and their need to run exactly as, equally there is an opportunity to do something very, very different with tech – that’s where the innovation also happens. On flip side, tech is the main driver for event industry. there is a huge opportunity at the moment to use technology in a way that makes what we do as event organizers so much more sophisticated and exciting and innovative and disruptive. ” added U Thu Yain Htut.

Regardless of whether you’re running a large or small event with the use of tech, doing so in a nontraditional way is quickly becoming the new norm. Brands are driven by a desire to do things differently, and the first step to getting there is to catch up on these current trends.

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