Managing your awards program online is fun with Judgify | Awards Management Software Solutions Platform

Start Running an award program is a ton of work – we see it every day. Between marketing efforts, managing nominations, and planning the award ceremony, program managers and marketers are left with a never ending to-do list.

One of the most frustrating difficulties anyone will encounter running an awards program is not having enough applicants. It can be difficult to figure out how to maximize the number of applicants you will receive. With so much to manage during an awards programme, you need the right system to maximise entries, manage the judging process, and feel confident with the integrity of the results.

Managing your awards program online is fun with Judgify | Awards Management Software Solutions Platform.

See how your awards are tracking at any time, with powerful real-time reporting tools which help you provide the required information to your stakeholders with minimum fuss. Judgify helps you streamline your administrative processes and reduce support calls from entrants and judges so you can focus on making your awards the best they can be.

One of the largest benefits that Judgify will bring to your event is the experience of the team that comes with the submission software. They will have seen innumerable events similar to yours. You can leverage that experience to craft the best process and run your event more efficiently. Using their experience you will be able to leverage the platform in ways you may have never thought of.

Why Should I Use Judigy | Awards Management Software?

It is time to enjoy all of the benefits of your awards program with none of the pain. For the past 5 years Judgify has been the premier online awards management solution. Judgify is online awards software that provides one central location for submitting, processing, and judging entries. Our latest version of Judgify gives you an unprecedented level of control over your program and powerful tools to administer your program.

Judgify is currently being used around the globe to host regional, national, and international awards programs with entrants uploading audio, video, picture, and document files. Judgify is the perfect solution for all application driven programs.

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