An Exciting Time For Technology in Events

Start When people talk about event technology, it’s often the more exciting developments like drones, virtual and augmented reality and holograms that get the most attention.

“It’s an exciting time for technology in events,” says U Thu Yain Htut, managing director at Global Connect Asia (Myanmar), and he’s right, it is. But while virtual reality is definitely on the rise, mobile apps and the less exciting, but no less important delegate management and event registration systems, are seeing the most investment in 2016 and beyond.

“Anything that can help the client gather and evaluate feedback and show a tangible return is always good,” says U Thu Yain Htut. The Global Connect Asia (Myanmar), which works with the likes of SingTel, Citibank and Sony, is an advocate of the power of technology to enhance the ROI of events.

Event apps and other delegate-facing technology, such as live streaming and live voting, have evolved from being considered luxury expenditure to a necessity as continued investment from developers and interest from businesses flows their way. But the ‘behind the scenes’ software like GEVME | Event Management Software that makes managing the event easier is also crucial.

The tried and tested event apps and delegate registration systems remain clear favourites. However, the slow but steady rise of virtual reality (VR) is a tantalising proposition for event planners searching for the new technology trend.

“VR is probably the number one key trend that people are trying to tap into,” says U Thu Yain Htut.

Many in the events industry are keeping a close eye on VR as tech pioneers like Google and Samsung spearhead the charge to bring the software to the mainstream market.

Around 12 months ago it was unclear what VR’s entry point into the events industry would be, but now it’s obvious.

“VR is transcending borders and boundaries and if it is used in the right way it can extend audience and target reach.”

“We’re looking at event apps but I’ve been to events where the technology hasn’t worked so I get very wary of implementing it when it could go wrong,” explains U Thu Yain Htut.

Building and implementing technology comes at a big cost, and if the wi-fi or the software malfunctions, that investment goes right down the drain. But there is no denying that when used properly, merging digital and technology with live events is a winning combination that can create engaging and immersive experiences for delegates that go beyond the live event itself.

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