Start wri‘Data’ is a marketing term that many of us use to categorise groups of contacts or statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Despite recognising the importance of data, many marketers are still missing a trick when it comes to successfully converting this content into valuable business leads during events.

So, what can we do to ensure we are optimising the business benefits locked away inside this data?

One of the most important stages of this process is data aggregation. If you’re still doing things manually, it’s time to start using GEVME | event management software that has the capability to store all of your data in one place and identify trends by comparing activity across a series of events, which is far more valuable than analysing single, stand-alone events.

The careful structuring of data captured at events using some of the latest event management technology, can help to ensure your sales teams have direct access to far more valuable and timely information, thus allowing them to prioritise leads based on which companies were most engaged at the event. They will then be able to follow up these leads with a far more personalised and targeted approach, rather than a generic pitch, which more-often-than-not fails to convert.

“There’s an entire segment of live event venues not getting the solutions and support they need,” U Thu Yain Htut said in a seminar. “Since the beginning, it was never about just ticketing software for us — it’s always been about building a cohesive, all-in-one system. We’re excited to keep building, innovating and giving organizations the tools they need to compete and succeed, and this round of funding lets us do that faster.”

“We’ve been generalists for a long time,” said U Thu Yain Htut, Managing Director of Global Connect Asia (Myanmar). “Now we are in a position where we have a lot of data and experience and our tech is in the right position to really roll this out.”

The platform also provides analytics into customer acquisition, marketing efforts and attribution. Unlike other event platforms, GEVME software goes beyond ticketing, instead offering an entire toolset of offerings that help with event production.

“We are not becoming a ticketing company,” U Thu Yain Htut stressed. “We wanted to focus on providing marketing solutions to event makers. We partner with other local event planners/organizers and any ticket platform someone is using. They can use their preferred ticketing solution and still get all the benefits of GEVME software.”

The platform will remain free, for now, but to get access to GEVME’s marketing solutions, you’ll have to pay.

In summary, a deeper insight into data obtained from different sources can improve business performance, by facilitating a more targeted follow-up from both marketing and sales. Ultimately, digging into your data and improving the ways in which you capture information and leads at events can, in turn, facilitate a more personal approach to communications, which in many cases can make the difference between winning or losing a deal.