Start writing hGlobal Connect Asia (Myanmar) – Judgify is also an awards management software platform that automates and helps to grow your awards and recognition programs. What attracted us is the ease of use and the fact that everything we need is in one system.

See how JUDGIFY Awards can help take your awards program to the next level.

Online Submissions

Are you looking for any old form builder for your submissions or a comprehensive submission tool with all parts of the submission process in one streamlined location? JUDGIFY Awards is the tool for you. We take the all-too-common hassles out of the application process and give both admins and entrants an experience that won’t give them a headache.

Awards Judging

Because many awards programs use a combination of solutions for their submission process, judging can turn into a complicated tangle of emails, dropbox files, and snail mail. But it doesn’t have to be that way. JUDGIFY’s judging platform is integrated with the entire awards software, from the administrative side as well as submissions. All your judges have to do is log in and get started.

Administrative Tools

There are lots of tools out there to help you build a submission form for your software, but what about administrative needs? How are you getting the important data and analytics that will take your program to the next level? JUDGIFY’s awards management software gives admins the tools and resources to make their program a success. From complete oversight of the awards process, to communicating with judges and entrants, to analyzing your program’s progress, we’ve got you covered.

Because JUDGIFY Awards was built from the ground up for awards programs, it lets you fully control all aspects (online entries, judging and reporting) with a click of a button.

How JUDGIFY Awards works:

Entries and Judging In One System: Keep it all in one place. JUDGIFY Awards gives you quick access to both online entries and online judging. No juggling act required.

Branded Site: With JUDGIFY Awards the awards website looks like your site…no templates, no confusion.

Keep Informed: Confused about confirmation emails, reminder emails and winner emails? We have you covered. JUDGIFY Awards was designed to keep everyone informed.


Just because JUDGIFY’s awards management software is cloud based, it doesn’t mean your judges have to score entries online. We’ve created resources within our system that makes it as easy for judges to score entries at an in-person event as it is online.

Our judging system can be tailored to fit your unique judging process — whether that’s single or multiple round or public vote, in-person or online. You can also go in and assign judges to entries in any way you want.ere...