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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • -A revolutionary approach to the problems that business have to encounter managing warehouses.
  • -Businesses can easily manage warehouse.
  • -Tons of features including the revolutionary Double Entry Inventory Management, traceability, barcode scanning, shipping, real-time stock level and more.

WMS Features

Double Entry Inventory Management

  • -No more lost stocks
  • -Stock movement from one place to another
  • -Keep transactions on track
  • -Better traceability and reporting for teams

Automatic Transactions

  • -Automatic management of picking, packing, receptions and other internal movements
  • -Defining push and pull rules

Full Traceability

  • -New rules and regulations to make the process more automatic
  • -Complete control over the stock
  • -Stocks can be connected with customers, manufacturing locations and suppliers

Serial Number Tracking

  • -Tracking at each stage of delivery and reception
  • -Item packages such as batches or logistic lots

Barcode Scanning

  • -Faster and convenient tracking through barcode

Reverse Logistics

  • -Remanufacturing and refurbishing of old products and make them useable
  • -Reusability can harness more profit

Shipping Management

  • -Warehouse can easily configure their goods for shipment
  • -Stock loading and unloading information in database

Dock and Yard Management

  • -Dock and Yards connected with Warehouse
  • -Easy stocks attachment with a particular dock
  • -Convenient routines for pickups or drop-offs.

Real Time Stock Level

  • -Enough amenities for real time stock monitoring
  • -Stock updates before they run out
  • -Valuable insight on Warehouse efficiency

Inventory Analytics

  • -Managers make both short-term or long-term decisions
  • -Inventory Analysis for Managers

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