Sales & Customer Relationship Management

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Sales & Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Odoo CRM

  • -Fully integrated with other apps
  • -Flexible to all businesses
  • -Accessible
  • -Easy to use
  • -Excellent communication tool

Features of Odoo CRM

  • -Track your opportunities pipeline
  • -Work your own sales panel and get instant information about next actions, new messages, opportunities and expected revenues
  • -Boost your sales whatever your organization size is

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Lead Management

  • -Automatically create leads from incoming emails
  • -Analysing leads efficiency
  • -Assigning right sales person in one operation
  • -Spend less time on administration
  • -Spend more time on qualifying leads

Organise Your Opportunities

  • -Organize your opportunities to focus on the best deals
  • -Manage all customer interactions via emails, phone calls, internal notes, meetings and quotations
  • -Can follow interest opportunities of specific events which are won or lost and stage changed


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