Manufacturing Management

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Manufacturing Management System

The Processing of raw materials into finished goods through the use of tools and process. Manufacturing is a value-add process, allowing businesses to sell finished products at a premium over the value of raw materials used.

Master Data

Master Data

  • -Multi-Level BOM
  • -By products/Co products
  • -Routings
  • -Subassemblies
  • -One BOM for Multiple Product Variants


  • -Manufacturing / Production Orders
  • -Job Tracking
  • -Work Orders / Operations
  • -Disassembly Orders
  • -Subcontract Manufacturing
  • -Scrap
  • -Kits
  • -Disposal Strategies

Reporting and Forecasting

  • -Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • -Work Time
  • -Dynamic Pivot Tables
  • -Dashboards
  • -OCSV Export
  • -Analytic Accounting
  • -Up/Downstream Traceability


  • -Demand Forecasting
  • -Master Production Schedule
  • -Grant Chart Scheduling Drug & Drop
  • -Kamban Planning
  • -Planning MO base on Delivery Date

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