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Human Resource Management

"People" are the most important asset of any organization and managing them effectively is one of the keys to ensure overall success for any organization. Odoo provides you with a robust and feature rich HRM module, with an array of functionalities to address your HR needs. You can effectively manage human resources by aligning your manpower and skills with your organizations goals and missions. Odoo HRM simplifies various HR management functions by automating repetitive tasks. Let us look at some of the key features of the Odoo HRM system:

Employee Management

Store, view and easily access essential employee data. Link your employees to their Odoo user account and facilitate easy access rights management and enable auto completion features for relevant employee forms. Set billing prices and Service costs for employees as analytic journals, isolate service costs and easily track costs. Simplify management of Allocation requests, Holidays and Leave policies by creating Employee Categories. Manage service contracts and attendances effectively by linking Employees with their user accounts.

Talent Acquisition

Efficiently manage your hiring process with Odoo, right from initial contact until hiring the applicant. Odoo eases your hiring process by helping you manage job positions and define your recruitment process. It automatically creates applicants, stores resumes and cover letters based on incoming emails, allowing you to store and search CV’s from your CV base. Integrate with the survey module and define questionnaires and job interviews. OpenChatter, an email based communication tool in Odoo , allows communication among colleagues and external contacts, sending email/messages/attachments to applicants and schedule meetings , all at one place!

Holiday and Leave Management

Holiday and Leave management modules in Odoo ensure uniform leave management throughout your organization reducing the need for HR intervention & easy tracking of leave records. The system allows you to create leave requests, manage leave approvals, define leave types, track previous leave requests and allocations. The system is flexible and supports features like multiple manager leave approvals, automatically linking leave statuses to case sections (eg. showing availability of a person for a meeting based on his leave status), allowing employees to enter their own allocation requests. Leaves Analysis reports provide you statistical report of leaves and allocations grouped by year, employee and leave type.

Employee Appraisals

Perform periodic evaluations of your employees through Odoo to inspire and motivate your workforce. Odoo allows you to set appraisal frequencies ,create appraisal plan phases, assign appraisal plans to employees, define appraisal categories, plan assessment dates, define steps and attach interview forms to each step. Odoo supports all kinds of Appraisal approaches: bottom-up, top-down, self-appraisal and final appraisal by the manager. Odoo provides a feature to Link job evaluations to surveys and create questionnaires and link them to various appraisal phases, thus making your entire appraisal process seem much effortless.


Link your employees to their Odoo user accounts and they can automatically Sign In / Sign Out directly from Odoo. Manage Forgotten Sign Outs by manual Sign Outs. View various attendance reports like Attendances by Month, Attendances by Week and Attendance Error Reports. One of the most enticing features of Odoo is that you can keep track of the differences between timesheets and attendances and thereby establish an effective follow up and control lost working hours.

Timesheet Management

Revolutionize your management practices by integrating the Odoo Timesheet module. Track the services provided by different employees, establish Time sheet approval by Managers, obtain list of service hours for a given client, and compare actual hours with planned estimates. Odoo provides you powerful features like mapping employee timesheets to your analytic accounts, automatic invoicing, allows you to know the marketing costs, training costs, profitability and eventually track the true cost needed to run the company. You can Use statistical reports to analyze your services by period, by product or by account.

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